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      Free Download 4K Videos from YouTube?

      4K (4K resolution), as a high-definition display technology, is mainly used in television, film and mobile phone industry. Its popularity has been increasing since 2012 and it is essentially to enhance the television expressiveness, and allow users to feel the most of the visual feast brought by the excellent picture quality.

      Free download 4K video from YouTube

      Since 2010, YouTube and Vimeo are allowed a maximum upload resolution of 4096 × 3072 pixels. So this passage would like to show you how to free download 4K videos from YouTube.

      Any Video Converter Free is powerful and useful desktop application which helps you free download 4K videos from YouTube, Viemo and other more sites on which allow 4K videos uploads.

      Windows version4k video downloader Win
      Mac Version4k video downloader Mac

      Steps on Free download 4K Videos from YouTube

      Let's look the simple steps to free download 4K videos from YouTube with Any Video Converter Free.

      Step 1: Download and install Any Video Converter Free, then launch it

      Please choose "Customize Install" and follow the tips to install Any Video Converter Free to your computer.

      Step 2: Add the 4K Video URLs

      Click Add URLs icon button, and there will pop up a window to let you add the URL. You can click click plus icon icon to paste the video URL, or you can drag & drop the 4K videos from YouTube to Any Video Converter.

      Add URLs and start downloading

      Note: Any Video Converter Free provides 2 options ( options button icon > Online Video > Select Format) to download 4K videos from online. If "Best Quality" selected, Any Video Converter Free will download the videos to the best quality as the source video upload quality. If you choose "Manually Select", the program will provide you the various output format and output quality. And here you can choose 2160p, MP4 from the pop-up list.

      Choose 2160p as the outpout quality

      Step 3: Start Downloading

      Then you can click "Start Download!" button to start download 4K videos from YouTube, and you can add more 4K video URLs as the previous step to download the 4K videos in batch. After the downloading process completed, you can right-click the video panel and choose "Open Source File Location" to find the 4K videos.

      Screen Record 4K Video from other More Sites

      Other videos like Netflix, Amazon, etc also provide 4K video resources including TV series, movies and natural documentary, and you can use Any Video Converter Ultimate to screen record the 4k videos.

      Windows versionAny Video Converter Ultimate Download
      Mac VersionDownload Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

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